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• Thrust magnetic bearings are divided into three types. (EM = ElectroMagnet, PM = Permanent Magnet)
  Electromagnet Type Electromagnet +
Permanent Magnet Type
(Radial Magnetization)
Electromagnet +
Permanent Magnet Type
(Axial Magnetization)
Rotor Thrust Collar Diameter Large Small Small
Bias Current Required Do not Required Do not Required
Energy Loss &
Stator Heating
High Very low Very low
The Number of Current driver 2 1 1
Manufacture - Difficult Easy
• Radially and axially magnetized permanent magnet manufacturing method.
• Magnetar Applied Axially magnetized PM in thrust bearing.
• This enables high speed rotor design and ensures the reliability of repeated production.
• Video : Thrust Magnetic Bearing – Levitation & Flux Flow
• Test of Thrust Magnetic Bearing Axially Performance