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• The radial magnetic bearings is largely divided into Hetero polar type and Homo polar type.
• Magnetar applied Hybrid-Homo Polar Type Radial Magnetic bearing
  Hetero Polar Type

Homo Polar Type

Hybrid-Homo Polar Type
(Electromagnet +
Permanent Magnet)
Eddy Current Loss High Very low Very low
Rotor Heating High Very low Very low
Manufacturing Static Core Laminated Assembled Assembled
Bias Current Required Required Do not Required
Energy Loss and Static Heating High High Very low
The number of Current Drivers 4 4 2
(*Bias Current : The Current required to make the constant magnetic flux)
• Video : Radial Magnetic Bearing – Levitation & Flux Flow
• Test of Magnetic Bearing Performance and Shaft Structural Strength
- Rotational Speed : 95,000RPM (Rotor Diameter 49mm, Linear velocity of bearing 243.6 m/s)
- Completed Rotational test in zero-to-peak several Micrometers level of radial vibration.