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▶ Company Magnetar Inc.  
▶ President Jun Kyu Kim  
▶ Established 29. 01. 2015  
▶ Address 8-203, Business Incubator Center, KIMM, 156, Gajeongbuk-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-343, Korea  
▶ Production Plant A-Dong 407~408Ho Dongwoo Digital Park 1288-2, Jungwang-Dong, Shiheung-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea
▶ Stockholder Jun Kyu Kim (67.07%), KIMM (32.93%)
Co., Magnetars is 95th research company which was received technical investment in kind by Korea Institute of Machinery and Material (KIMM), and it has been developed of magnetic bearing for high speed spindle, turbo compressor, turbo blower, and high accuracy roller.

Co., Magnetar has succeeded in developing magnetic bearing that can be applied to high value added rotating machine products, which makes high-speed rotation possible without using lubricant in the bearing contact. It has a semi-permanet feature, and has no abrasion or friction, as well as vibration and noise of the machine. In Korea, magnetic bearing is not yet available commercially, and very few European companies are in the development stage. Hybrid magnetic bearing technology of Co., Magnetar is a combination of active magnetic bearing and permanent magnet for creating bias flux. Although permanent magnet is used to improve the bearing linear characteristic without power consumption, it has an active magnetic bearing characteristics such as coil winding for flux control (electromagnet). Co., Magnetar has developed a 21,000 rpm class turbo refrigerant compressor, 26,000 rpm class turbo blower, 60,000 rpm and 100,000rpm class high speed spindle, and 100,000rpm class flywheel energy storage.

Co., Magnetar will provide the best value for shareholders and customers now and for ever, and also give our employees an opportunity to achieve their self-realization. We will continue to seek a way to develop together with business partners such as subcontractors and overseas buyers. We will always do our best effort with a humble attitude.